• Uniform Policy

    Davison Elementary-Middle is a school with a MANDATORY UNIFORM POLICY. This means that all students are expected to be in complete uniform, from the very first day of the school year (September 4, 2018) until the very last day of the school year (June 20, 2019). This policy applies to all students.

    uniforms allows students to focus on classroom instruction, favorably impacts attitudes, and enhances the public image of our school.

    This policy will not prohibit students from wearing particular attire that is part of their religious practice if such practice can be documented. Supporting documentation of such requests for exceptions should be given to the school principal for approval. Parents
    will be notified in writing about amendments to the school uniform policy. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the school principal, or the designee. 

    White, navy blue, or powder blue with a collar (button down, polo-style)

    Black or navy blue (no blue jeans or skirts above the knees)

    Uniform colors with a rubber bottom, closed toe, and enclosed all the way around. Socks
    or tights should be uniform color with no logos or designs

    Black, navy blue, or white (no hoodies)

    General Information about the Uniform Policy:

    • Uniform should be solid white or powder blue and free of labels and graphics with the exception of Davison School garments. Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
    • Anything which can be considered a detriment to the learning environment at Davison Elementary-Middle School is not acceptable. A student with bright orange hair is an example of this.
    • Denim (blue jean material) in any form is not acceptable (jackets, pants, shirts, skirts, etc.). Blue jeans are not allowed.
    • Outside coats, jackets, hoodies and hats are NOT to be worn inside the building of classrooms at any time.
    • Accessories are permitted if they do no hang outside of the clothing
    • No facial jewelry is to be worn (notes, eyebrow, lip, or tongue).