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    J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy

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    Mr. Stephen Garcia, Principal



    Parent & Student Handbook

    Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.

    --------------Bob Beauprez


    Thank you for choosing J. E. Clark Preparatory Academy!

    This handbook contains information for all J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy parents, students, and community members.  It will help you to understand the overall structure of our school, as well as your role in supporting the school’s vision and mission.

    As parents and members of our school community, you are a stakeholder.  You play one of the most significant roles with ensuring the success of your child’s educational experience!

    Please join us as we work together to create a learning environment where students are receiving a high quality education and parents work alongside the school as partners in this awesome opportunity to learn and grow together!

    Please read this entire document thoroughly and discuss with your child. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or visit our school.  We are happy to be here to assist!


    Thank you!

    Clark Staff & Administration

    Mission, Vision, & Belief Statements

    Mission To create a safe, respectful, and responsible learning environment in which every child & every adult experiences a thriving culture that supports high-quality teaching & learning, resulting in confidence in oneself along with the ability to positively contribute to society. 

    Vision Our vision is simplistic in that we want to create a learning and working environment that embraces dignity!  One in which higher levels of learning is the norm and connect our students to the possibilities of the outside world, connects our educators to the possibilities of innovative leadership so that our communities can thrive, grow, and become self-sufficient as we realize the value of life, self, the community in which we live, and the world.  

    Belief Schools are the nucleus of the neighborhood and should provide avenues and opportunities for learning that enable students to confidently enter into a society where they can be a catalyst for positive change while contributing innate talents and learned skills for the greater good of self, community, and the world. 

    Letter from Dr. Vitti

    Dear Parents,

    As Principal at J. E. Clark Preparatory Academy, it is my pleasure to welcome all of my parents and YOUNG SCHOLARS back for the 2023-2024 school year!  A new year means new beginnings filled with unlimited possibilities of hope, progress, and what can be!  I am both excited and optimistic to have our learners back, filling our classrooms and hallways with enthusiasm and energetic laughter once again!  Our new school motto is, ‘EVERY CHILD by NAME!”  We at J. E. Clark believe that this school motto embodies who we are as a staff.  We strive to know the strengths and challenges of each one of our young scholars as we work to provide needed services and resources.  It is our mission to educate and empower every student, in every community, every day, to build a stronger Detroit so that all students will have the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to thrive in our city, our nation, our world.

    This year marks a year of new faces, new school initiatives, and a newly adopted English Language Arts (EL Education) and Mathematics (Eureka) program.  Administration and instructional teaching staff are continually learning, collaborating, planning, and exploring innovative ways of teaching that enhance the learning opportunities of all Clark Scholars.  Additionally, to keep our parents engaged with the new reading and math curricula, selected staff will be facilitating parents workshops which highlight the essentials of EL Education and Eureka Math.  J.E. Clark has also partnered with a number of organizations in order to better support the needs of our students and families.  Organizations such as the Girl Scouts will provide opportunities of leadership, learning, and character development for our young scholars!

    Our mission and vision can become a reality by remembering that communication is essential to a healthy and productive home-school relationship.   It is our goal to create a rich learning environment where success is a shared responsibility among students, staff, and parents!  We appreciate and applaud the support that we receive from our J. E. Clark Parents! It is my hope that we will come together as one school community to problem solve and meet any challenges that we may face.  We all play a vital role in providing the best in educational services for our young scholars.  We pledge to provide our students with the best in wraparound educational services at J. E. Clark Preparatory Academy where we recognize, “EVERY CHILD by NAME!”

    DPSCD does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability and/or religion.  Questions?  Concerns?  For more information visit the Compliance Website at:  detroitk12.org/admin/compliance/

    Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Superintendent


    2019-2020 Cellular Phone Policy/Contract

    Dear Parents & Students,

    Please make yourselves aware of J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy’s Cellular Phone Policy.  In an effort to maximize learning time in the classroom, Clark staff will no longer collect cellular devices at the entry door.   However, please know that once students enter the building for daily instruction, their cellular device MUST be turned completely off.  This means that phones MUST NOT be in vibrate mode.  Once students are dismissed from class at the end of the school day, they may turn on their cellular devices once outside of the building.  Clark’s 2018-2019  school hours will be from 7:30 a.m.-2:40 p.m., DAILY.   If students experience an emergency, they must tell the teacher first so that permission can be granted to use the classroom telephone or the telephone in the main office.  Please note that J. E. Clark WILL NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen cell phones.  

    Students are expected to:

    • Completely turn off ALL cellular devices once they enter the building. DO NOT put phones on vibrate.
    • Turn in cell phones to the security guard/office in order for cell phones to be placed in individual lock bags.  Students will receive their cellular devices at the end of the school day or upon their dismissal
    • Not sneak on their phone and call parents/relatives up to the school to settle matters that HAVE NOT been channeled through the teacher and/or administration. Help us to maintain a safe and orderly environment.  Please follow protocol at all times!

    Consequences for not adhering to the Cellular Phone Policy:

    • Student will receive a verbal WARNING for the first infraction
    • Cellular phone will be confiscated and sent to the office by the teacher or school staff
    • A parent MUST be present to retrieve the phone. Cellular phones will not be given to anyone else but the parent(s)
    • Students will have access to the classroom or office phone for EMERGENCY USE ONLY!

    Parents can help by:

    • Talking to your learner about the new cellular phone policy at Clark which states that cellular phones MUST be turned off between the hours of 7:30 a.m.-2:40 p.m. 
    • Talking to your learner about the importance of keeping their cell phone hidden away or tucked inside a deep or zipped pocket on their person at all times
    • If an emergency arises at home, please tell your learner that you will notify the school office. If your learner has an emergency while in school, tell him/her to alert the teacher first who will provide access to the classroom telephone or send the student with a pass to use the telephone in the main office
    • Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Clark administration
    • Making time to have your voice heard at Clark’s monthly ‘Administrative Parent Meetings!’ Bring your questions & concerns...hope to see you there!


    Student Code of Conduct Violation




    School & Bus Rules

    School Rules

    1. Students MUST respect teachers and all adults in the building. We are here to support you!
    2. Be punctual come to school prepared with supplies and assignments.
    3. Respect school property and personal property of others.
    4. Respect the rights of others and avoid verbal and physical abuse.
    5. Obtain oral or written permission to leave all assigned locations – this includes the lunchroom and the classroom.
    6. Coats, jackets, and hats are to be placed in the student’s assigned locker before homeroom and taken out as directed by their teacher during dismissal.
    7. Students are only permitted at lockers during hall passing
    8. Radios, recorders and games are not permitted in classrooms unless permitted by the teacher
    9. Students must have a hall pass when in the hallway at all times.

    Bus Rules

    1. Students who come to school on the bus should return home on the bus unless they have a written note from a parent/guardian stating that the parent will pick them up from school on the designated date/time.
    2. Improper conduct is not acceptable on the bus.
    3. Only scheduled students are allowed to ride the school bus.
    4. Students are to go directly to their assigned bus at dismissal.
    5. Transportation will be denied for students who repeatedly exhibit disruptive behavior on the school bus. Parents will be notified.



    • Students’ school day is 7:30 a.m. – 2:40 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
    • On half days, dismissal is 10:45 a.m.
    • Students are to report promptly to class on time each day. Clark’s Attendance Agent will be tracking those students who are consistently tardy, absent, or picked-up early.

    Excused Absences

    Please note:  Excused absences are absences for which there are legitimate excuses.  Students must bring a written note to their homeroom teacher when they return to school in order for the absence to be excused.  

    Examples of Excused Absences are:

    1. An illness
    2. Family Emergency
    3. Medical/Dental Appointment
    4. Religious Observance

    In lieu of a written notice from a parent or legal guardian the following documentation may be used to excuse an absence:

    1. A verified physician’s statement;
    2. Authorized homebound instruction;
    3. Court supplied documentation of incarceration

    Unless approved by the principal or designee, other reasons for being absent are unacceptable and shall be considered unexcused.  A student shall be considered truant when he or she is absent without their parent/legal guardian’s permission.  When a parent/legal guardian consents to unnecessary absences, such absences will be recorded as unexcused.\

    Unexcused Absences

    Unexcused absences are absences for which there are not legitimate reasons.  Any absence from class longer than 15 minutes that are not approved or justified by a written statement from a parent, health care provider, authorized homebound instructor, official court document, or governmental agency.

    **Two unexcused absences, excessive tardiness, and early pick-ups will generate an attendance referral to be submitted to the school’s attendance agent for further follow-up/investigation.  


    Students arriving after 7:45 a.m. will need to report to the Attendance Agent to receive a tardy pass.  Chronic tardiness will result in a referral to DPSCD Attendance Department.


    EMERGENCIES & Current Parent Contact Information


    It is vitally important that we have current contact as well as current emergency contact information on file for each student.  Emergency Contact Forms will be distributed each quarter for the purpose of keeping accurate demographic information on each student.  Each student will be receiving their demographic update form during DAY 1 of school.  If you did not receive a form, please notify the school immediately as we need accurate demographic information on each student in case of an emergency.  All forms MUST be returned to your learner’s homeroom teacher.


    Please listen to your local radio and/or television station for emergency announcements during inclement weather.  Schools may be closed due to power outages, snow conditions, or severe weather.  If school is in session and MUST close due to power outages or inclement weather, parents will receive a mass communication call from the attending school and/or Detroit Public Schools Community District information system.  Again, please ensure that your learner’s school has accurate and up-to-date demographic information for parent, guardian, and/or emergency contact.    


    Fire/Tornado Drills and Evacuation Procedures

    An emergency evacuation map is posted in each classroom.  Teachers will review the plan at the beginning of the school year.  When the fire alarm sounds, each teacher is to follow the fire drill schedule exit plan and walk students out of the classroom, quietly, and in a single file line from the building to your class rooms designated area outside of the building.  Once the designated area is reached, it is mandatory that teachers take attendance & immediately notify administration of any missing students.  All students are expected to remain quiet, listen to instructions, remain with their class and await further instructions.  Classes can then re-enter the building when an “All Clear” signal/direction is given.  Students MUST NOT leave their class line at any time during the drill and MUST return directly to their assigned classroom with the rest of the class.



    1. All visitors should enter the Bremen Main Entrance Door.
    2. The Back Door entrance is for STAFF ONLY!
    3. Students are to report to school by 7:30 a.m., entering through the Metal Detector. Afterwards, Middle School students report to the auditorium and Elementary School   students report to the   Students will be supervised by Administration and SSA’s until their homeroom teachers arrive for pick-up at 7:30 a.m.


    1. Parents are to wait outside at the assigned dismissal door, at dismissal time.
    2. Parents are to report to the Main Office for a Release Slip in order to remove students before their official dismissal time. Early dismissals are strongly discouraged (except in the case of extreme emergencies) as they interfere with classroom instruction.  Please see the NEW DISTRICT ATTENDANCE POLICY.  ALL EARLY PICK-UPS MUST BE SIGNED OUT BY THE ATTENDANCE AGENT.
    3. Early pick-up procedure (last point of early pick-up will be at 2:00 p.m.), extreme emergencies MUST see Attendance Agent
    4. Help us to maximize student instructional time! All parent conferences with teachers MUST be scheduled.  If parents need to see a teacher immediately, parents/guardians MUST sign in first, report to the office, and see the Principal who will find coverage for the requested teacher and then set up the parent-teacher conference with the teacher in parent-conference center (main office).  


    Please Note:  There will be no early student pick-up after 2:00 p.m. daily.  

    • Before a student leaves the school property, the parent/guardian or adult designee must sign the student out in the main office.
    • Please ensure that Clark school has the names of all family members who will be picking your learner up from school. As the school WILL NOT release any student to unauthorized persons.
    • Parents WILL NOT be allowed to walk to the teacher’s class in order to pick-up their learner.  In order to maximize classroom instructional time, parents MUST
    1. Sign-in at the door
    2. Proceed to the office where the student MUST be signed out, the office will call the room.



    • ALL instructional teaching staff MUST be on hall duty during passing time
    • Hall passing time is five (5) minutes. Please encourage students to use the restroom before leaving home, during the designated restroom period for the entire class, or during hall passing time as students WILL NOT be issued a pass to use the restroom during instructional time, unless there is an emergency. 
    • Students should walk quietly from one class to another.
    • Students should always walk to the right in the hallway.
    • Any student in the halls after the tardy bell rings should have a written pass signed by a teacher.
    • Students should not, under any circumstances, be in a classroom they are not assigned to for that particular hour. All students MUST be in their assigned class in order to receive, ‘Bell to Bell’ instruction. 


    1. Middle school students must provide locks for their lockers. The school cannot be responsible for items stored in lockers. 
    2. Book-bags must be left in lockers. Students are to take everything needed for the morning during homeroom bell time, before going to class.  Students may visit the lockers at lunch time in order to retrieve needed items for lunch and the afternoon class sessions.
    3. Our goal is to maximize instructional learning time. Please note that students WILL NOT be permitted to exit the classroom once entered.  Please ensure that your learner understands that he/she is expected to retrieve ALL needed items from the locker the FIRST TIME.
    4. Please do not allow children to bring the large book-bags on wheels; they do not fit into the lockers and cannot be left outside classroom doors. (We must keep hallways clear for emergency exiting.)  Students may wear sweaters/cardigans, blazer style jackets inside of the classroom.  NO HOODIES!  Young ladies beginning in grade 3 may carry a small over the shoulder style purse.

    **Important Note to Clark parents**

    Parents, students must remain inside of the classroom where instruction is taking place.  Students WILL NOT be allowed to walk the hallways or sit in the office for any reason.  Any student who refuses to remain in the classroom will have a parent called to address the situation along with our Dean of Students.  As a school, we will pull together our resources in order to support our J. E. Clark Scholars.



    All Clark Academy students are entitled to enjoy their lunch period in a pleasant, clean and safe environment.  Accordingly, all students are expected to follow all rules and regulations.  Students will be accompanied to lunch by a supervising adult.  During lunch, it is expected that each child will exhibit appropriate cafeteria behavior.  Students should demonstrate good eating habits, clean up their eating area, and remain orderly as required by the Code of Conduct, obeying and respecting all established rules and procedures. 


    In general, well-mannered conduct should guide the student’s behavior at all times in the cafeteria.  Listed below are some rules and the cafeteria procedure which will help ensure appropriate conduct and an orderly lunch period.

    1. Students should enter the cafeteria quietly, orderly, and be seated.
    2. Respect and politeness must be shown to all, including the cafeteria staff and parent volunteers.
    3. Student's tables will be called one-at-a-time by the adult in charge for those who wish to purchase food or drink.  No book bags or outerwear such as jackets or hoodies may be brought into the food service line or cafeteria.
    4. Students must be patient while waiting to be served.  A single file line must be maintained.
    5. No food may be brought back through the food service line once it has been purchased.
    6. Students must be seated at a table when eating.  Once seated, students MUST raise their hand and WAIT FOR PERMISSION FROM A SUPERVISING ADULT to move.  There is NO moving without permission.  Students should refrain from shouting across tables.
    7. Students must help to keep the cafeteria clean and safe.  Student can help by cleaning up after themselves, removing trash from tables, chairs and the floor and wait for the trash can to be brought around to them by the supervising adults or the lunch table captains.

    Throwing food, ice, or other objects is not allowed.  Running, excessive noise, “horse play”, or other disruptive behavior is not allowed.  All unacceptable behavior will result in school detention and/or removal from the cafeteria for specified time period.




    All school doors will be locked at 8:05 a.m.  The Bremen St. Main Entrance is the only door to be utilized after 8:05 a.m.  All visitors are to report directly to the main office.  Parents, DO NOT report directly to classrooms, there is now a process in place to speak with teachers. Please sign-in at the office and ask for Principal.


    All visitors and siblings must report directly to the main office when entering the building.  Please use the Bremen St. Main Entrance only. 


    Parent volunteers are needed and welcomed.  If you are available to assist in your child’s classroom, please contact the Principal to make arrangements.  Once you become a regular volunteer, please sign the Volunteer’s Book in the main office prior to proceeding to your assignment.  Also, parents please join us for our flexible monthly parent meetings at J. E. Clark.  Communications will be sent home regarding meeting times.


    Uniforms - BOYS

    Top:  Red or White (Polo or Button-Up), Blazers are WELCOMED!

    Please Note:  Shirts must be tucked in pants and pulled up on the waist with a belt at all times.             

    Pants:   Tan/ Khaki                                         

    Shoes:  Loafers, gym shoes or uniform shoes.  No flip-flops /open sandals. 

    Uniforms - GIRLS

    Top:  Red or White Blouse/Polo                              

    Bottoms:  Tan/ Khaki Skirt, Jumper, or Pants          

    Tights / socks:  Solid white, red, tan or black

    Shoes: Loafers, gym shoes or uniform shoes.  No flip-flops/open sandals

    Please Note: Skirts and Jumpers must be KNEE-LENGTH.  Boots cannot be worn over the tops of pants.  

    Prohibited Clothing

    • NO JEANS AT ALL, no trousers worn below the waistline. For our young men scholars, belts are to be worn at all times!
    • No shorts, no halter tops, halter dresses, or tube dresses   No biking pants (including Spandex).
    • No oversized t-shirts; No t-shirts with inappropriate graphics and/or language). We realize that our students want to honor loved ones.  However, please do not wear R.I.P t-shirts to school.  All students MUST be in uniform. 
    • No tops which reveal the midriff or chest area.
    • No see-through garments.
    • No items which expose the skin.
    • No clothing, pins, or haircuts with offensive language.
    • No hats, headbands, curlers, or hairnets.
    • No miniskirts. All skirts and dresses must be knee-length (all grades).
    • No unbuttoned shirts. All shirts must be buttoned.
    • No sunglasses permitted in school.
    • No jackets, hoodies or coats are to be worn after entry into school. Only blazer style jackets, sweaters, and cardigans can be worn on school grounds
    • No expensive outer garments. Clark school will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage of expensive clothing or other items.  Please keep all expensive items off of school grounds and at home. 
    • All shoes with provisions for laces must be laced.
    • No excessive or expensive jewelry allowed. (Students may wear simple chains and wristwatches.)
    • Purses for 3rd-8th grade girls/young ladies WILL BE ALLOWED.


    **Clark School will not be responsible for items stolen from lockers.  As well, the school WILL NOT be responsible for items left in lockers overnight**


    Grading Systems & Report Cards

    The accepted marking system for Academics and Citizenship is as follows:


                       Academics                                              Citizenship

    A =         100% - 90%      Excellent                               1 = Excellent

    B =         89% - 80%        Good                                    2 = Average

    C =         79% - 70%        Average                                3 = Poor

    D =         69% - 60%        Poor

    E =         59% - below      Failing



    Homework is an integral part of every child’s education.  Homework assignments are designed to reinforce concepts and skills developed in the classroom, and to foster responsible behavior.  THEREFORE, homework is expected to be returned on the date specified by each teacher.  Penalties will be assessed for returning homework late, or not at all.


    In order for a child to receive make-up work due to absence, the child must first turn in a written note from a parent/guardian verifying the absence.  The absence excuse must state the date(s), state the reason, and be signed by the parent/guardian.




    If you need to have a conference with a teacher, please contact the teacher to schedule an appointment.   Teachers cannot be pulled from classrooms for telephone conversations during the school day.  If you telephone, kindly leave a message for the teacher to return your call.  IN ORDER TO MAXIMIZE STUDENT LEARNING TIME...ALL TEACHER CONFERENCES MUST BE SCHEDULED.  EMERGENCIES TO SEE A TEACHER MUST GO THROUGH THE PRINCIPAL WHO IN TURN WILL NOTIFY THE TEACHER IF WARRANTED.  


    Expect a Progress Report if your child’s grades are below passing (D or F)



    Honor Roll Students are identified after each Card Marking. The students' names are displayed on Honor Boards in school hallways (upstairs and downstairs) and are listed in the monthly Newsflash packet.

    Principal’s List

    Students must achieve a 4.0 for the card marking  in order to receive this honor

    Scholastic Achievement

    Students must achieve a 3.5-3.9 for the card marking in order to receive this honor


    Students must receive a “PS” in all Reading-related subjects except Handwriting and Writing Process.  Students’ Math grades must average to “PS,” with no grade of “NH” (so, 2 PS’s and 1 ID would equal Honor Roll Status.)  Students must receive “PS” in Science, Social Studies and all special subjects.


    Students will qualify for the Honor Roll if they have an overall 3.0 or above Grade Point Average.  Students will be disqualified if they receive a ‘D’ or ‘F’ in   any subject.   The Grade Point Average on the Report Card reflects the marks received in all subjects


    Students must receive all 1’s in citizenship to be placed on the Honor Roll.        


    Honor Roll students must have Perfect Attendance.  They must be in the classroom on time every day in order to meet the Perfect Attendance requirement. 




    Student Name:  _______________________________________   Room:  _________________________


    As a parent/guardian, I want my child to achieve; therefore, I will encourage my child by doing the following:

    • Ensuring that they attend school regularly and on time with the needed supplies & materials
    • Supporting school staff in maintaining proper discipline
    • Setting aside a specific time for homework and review it regularly.
    • Providing a quiet place for study & ensuring my Young Scholar receives adequate rest at night.
    • Encouraging my child’s efforts as well as maintaining positive interactions with the school
    • Staying interested in and aware of what my child is learning.
    • Reading with my child and let my child see me read
    • Expressing positive views about the school my child attends
    • Communicating with my child’s teacher on a regular basis.
    • Volunteering and participating in the school’s PTSA (Parent, Teacher, and Student Advisory) or visit my child’s classroom as often as possible.
    • Model the importance of education by allowing my child to see me learning, reading, communicating with others in a respectable manner, and making continuous progress toward a better life.
    • Support school events such as parent-teacher conferences, open house, PTSA/school improvement & parental meetings
    • Speak positive, loving words to my child(ren) daily.


    Parent’s or Family Member’s signature: _________________ Date: ____________





    As a student, it is important that I work to the best of my ability; therefore, I will strive to do the following:

    • Take ownership of my learning by attending school on time, daily with needed supplies/materials
    • Completing & returning homework daily
    • Participate in the learning process by asking questions & joining in on classroom discussions
    • Modeling leadership qualities among my fellow peers, being a positive leader in my community
    • Work cooperatively with my classmates.
    • Respect myself, my parents, my school, and other people.
    • Follow rules provided by the student code of conduct.
    • Wear my uniform daily.
    • Read regularly.
    • Give all notices and information to my parents.
    • Keep track of my progress by talking to my teachers about my grades, missing assignments, and the chance to make-up/redo assignments if possible.
    • Follow all rules and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Speak to my parents regularly and my teachers about my progress in school.

    Read high-quality text at least 30 minutes per day (i.e. newspaper, novel, engaging literature from a variety of genres, etc…)


    Student’s signature: ________________Date: _____________




    As a teacher/professional staff member, I understand the importance of students’ achieving their highest potential; therefore, I will strive to do the following in support of students’ learning:

    The school will provide high-quality curriculum and instruction and an effective learning environment by:

    • Providing necessary assistance to parents and family members so that they can help with assignments.
    • Encouraging students, parents, and family members by communicating regularly about student progress.
    • Contacting parents and family members to convey something positive about students on a regular basis.
    • Providing high-quality curriculum and instruction.
    • Ensuring a supportive and non-threatening classroom environment where students learn and feel free to ask questions
    • Providing varied learning opportunities for students to enable them to meet academic expectations.
    • Hold high expectations for all students, believing that all students can learn as we support students in realizing their potential.
    • Be available for parent and family conferences.
    • Make myself and my classroom accessible to parents, encouraging them to arrange visits to the school, and prearranging observations of my classroom.
    • Share information regarding school & student data with students, parents, & the community.
    • Collaborate with colleagues to support teaching & learning across all grade levels & content areas.
    • Provide relevant homework assignments that reinforce and extend student learning.
    • Respect all staff, students, parents and community representatives.
    • Provide immediate feedback on all student assessments (homework assignments, exams, class work).
    • See myself as a continuous learner by seeking out professional development opportunities that support best practices in student achievement.



    Teachers Signature __________________________________________  Date___/____/_______




    As a principal, I support this compact for parent involvement; therefore, I will strive to do the following:


    • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication between the teachers, parents, families, guardians, and students.
    • Encourage teachers to regularly provide homework/reading assignments that will reinforce and enhance classroom instruction.
    • Monitor and evaluate all components in the compact to ensure the school is realizing the identified goals of the Home-School Compact.
    • Ensure that a high-quality instruction is provided to all students.
    • Ensure that staff is using data to drive instructional practices and using best practice strategies to support student learning and engagement across the grade levels and content areas.
    • Ensure that instructional staff creates Individualized Student Learning Plans based upon multiple measure of data & implement intervention strategies based upon those plans.
    • Ensure that instructional staff has multiple opportunities to collaborate with grade levels as well as across grade level teams.
    • Provide professional development opportunities at the school level that address student, teacher, & community needs reflected in summative & formative data.
    • Provide a positive school climate and culture that is safe and conducive to learning.
    • Provide opportunities for parents to be actively involved in school activities.
    • Encourage positive communication between home and school.
    • Respect school staff, students, families, and the community. Model the behaviors that I wish to see displayed in others.
    • Communicate regularly with the school community about school-wide events & programming.
    • Monitor teacher/student interaction & learning by conducting scheduled and unscheduled walk-throughs as well as classroom observations.
    • Provide immediate feedback to instructional staff regarding work performance.
    • Provide opportunities for teachers to grow and excel in the profession and beyond.


    Principal’s signature: _______________Date: _____________