Important Message: Increase in Toy and BB Guns Brought to Schools

Increase in Toy Guns or BB Guns Brought to Schools
Nikolai Vitti
General Superintendent

Dear DPSCD Students, Families, and Staff,

Please be advised that there has been an increased number of incidents involving students bringing toy, BB, and other fake types of guns to schools. This is dangerous and it is adding a lot of unwarranted anxiety to students and staff regarding their safety at our schools.  It is our expectation for all school teams to conduct thorough inspections upon arrival to proactively collect and prevent any weapons from entering our schools to avoid any tragedies. Students who bring weapons (real or fake) to school will be disciplined and are subjected to expulsion, arrest, and exclusion from any end-of-the-year activities including graduation. We urge all families to check backpacks before students attend school each day and discuss with them the consequences of bringing a real weapon or a fake firearm to school. Please help us keep our students and staff feeling safe at school!

Thank you,

Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D., Superintendent