UPDATE! August Primary Election Results

Posted by Lamar Weir on 8/5/2022 5:15:00 PM

The 2022 Michigan Primary Election took place on Tuesday, August 2. This election determined which candidates will be on the ballot for the General Election in November. A crowded Republican gubernatorial race field ended with Tudor Dixon winning handily. She will be running against the incumbent, Governor Whitmer, in November’s election.

Michigan Congressional Representatives

At the federal level, candidates for the newly drawn 12th and 13th Congressional Districts, both of which represent Detroit, were on the ballot. Rashida Tlaib, who currently represents the 13th District, successfully fended off Democratic primary challengers to win the newly drawn 12th District. In November, she will face Republican Steven Elliott. Meanwhile, the newly drawn 13th district drew several Democratic challengers, including current State Senator Adam Hollier and State House Representative Shri Thanedar. Thanedar won the congressional race and will be challenged by Republican Martell Bivings, who ran unopposed, in November.  


Michigan State Senate

Detroiters heavily favored incumbents Erika Geiss, Sylvia Santana, and Stephanie Chang in state senate elections. In District 1 Geiss will face Republican challenger Erick Soderquist, while in District 2, Senator Santana will face Harry Sawicki. In District 6, current State Representative Mary Cavanagh will take on Ken Crider to fill the seat vacated by incumbent State Senator Betty Jean Alexander. District 8 saw two current Democratic incumbents facing each other, with State Senator Mallory McMorrow moving on to face Republican challenger Brandon Ronald Simpson after her primary victory. 


Michigan State House

Tyrone Carter, current representative of District 6, will face Republican challenger Paula Campbell to represent the redrawn 1st District. In District 4, incumbent Representative Karen Whitsett defended her seat and will face Republican challenger Tonya Wells. Voters in District 5 will choose between Democrat Natalie Price and Republican Paul Taro. Voters in District 7 chose incumbent State Representative Helena Scott, and her Republican opponent for November is currently unknown. Mike McFall won the 8th District and will face Republican Rob Noble for the seat. Current State Representative Abraham Aiyash survived a primary challenge for District 9, and his opponent will be Republican Michele Lundgren. Current Democratic representative Joseph Tate will face Republican challenger Mark Corcoran in District 10 while over in District 13, Incumbent State Representative Lori Stone hopes to hold off challenger Robert Singer. District 14 voters supported Donovan McKinney, and he will face Republican Wendy Watters. In District 16, current State Representative Stephanie Young will face Republican Keith Jones.  


Proposition J 

Wayne County voters saw countywide Proposition J on their ballots. This proposition sought to renew the millage authorized in 2012, authorizing Wayne County to continue to levy this millage at the 2021 rollback rate of .9358 mills (94 cents per thousand dollars of taxable valuation) for ten more years (2022 through 2031) for Wayne Counties jail system. Nearly 63% of voters voted in favor of this proposal. 





Democratic Nominee 


Republican Nominee 


State Senate District 1 


Erika Geiss 


Erik Soderquist 


State Senate District 2 


Sylvia Santana 


Harry Sawicki 


State Senate District 3 


Stephanie Chang 




State Senate District 6 


Mary Cavanagh 


Ken Crider 


State Senate District 8 


Mallory McMorrow 


Brandon Ronald Simpson 





Democratic Nominee 


Republican Nominee 


 State House District 1 


Tyrone Carter 


Paula Campbell 


State House District 4 


Karen Whitsett 


Tonya Wells 


State House District 5 


Natalie Price 


Paul Taros 


State House District 7 


Helena Scott 




State House District 8 


Mike McFall 


Rob Noble 


State House District 9  


Abraham Aiyash 


Michele Lundgren 


State House District 10 


Joseph Tate 


Mark Corcoran 


State House District 13 


Lori Stone  


Ronald Singer 


State House District 14 


Donovan McKinney 


Wendy Watters 


State House District 16 


Stephanie Young 


Keith Jones 


The full 2022 August Primary election results can be found on the Detroit Election website 


Impacts of 2022 Election 

Education has taken a spotlight during this election cycle in response to COVID-19 protocols and the return to in-person classroom teaching. With her challenge to Whitmer, Dixon highlights some parental grievances, saying in her victory speech that Whitmer caused damage to students by “locking them out” during the pandemic. A prominent supporter of tax vouchers for private schools, Dixon has been critical of public-school results, winning the support of the former secretary of education Betsy Devos early in the race. While Governor Whitmer’s push to increase education funding came at a critical time, Dixons approach to education would support tax vouchers and education savings accounts. Dixon would also seek to take control away from local school boards, expand censorship over curriculums, and ban certain subjects from classrooms. 


This staunch contrast between the gubernatorial candidates is also found in House and Senate candidates, with many Democratic candidates praising Governor Whitmer’s successful education budget, while Republican candidates repeatedly denounced the substance of school lessons and the lack of school choice.  


Michigan’s recent re-districting process led to previously Detroit-only districts being tied together with suburban-surrounding areas. As a result, many Detroit-based candidates were forced to run against another. For the first time in nearly 70 years, Detroit is at risk of not having Black federal representation in the House of Representatives.  

Detroit had a voter turnout of less than 16%. If Detroiters want elected officials to represent their interests and reflect their community, they must show it through community advocacy and at the ballot. Register to vote today! 


To conclude, stay tuned for more important details about education funding and legislation, and District updates by texting DPSCDVOTES to 22999.