UPDATE! ACT NOW! Critical Race Theory Ban Now Passes House Education Committee

Posted by Lamar Weir on 11/5/2021 10:00:00 AM


Republican Michigan Legislators continue to find ways to promote censorship, fear, and silence the voices of our educators and students. Last week Senate Bill 460, sponsored by Senator Theis, was passed out of the Senate Education Committee. The bill if passed by the House and signed by Governor Whitmer would ban the instruction of Critical Race Theory in public schools AND school districts who are “caught” face a 5% penalty in state aid. This occurred even though “CRT” is not taught in any Michigan K-12 schools. 

This week, Representative Beeler’s legislation (House Bill 5097) passed the House chamber with a vote of 55-0 and is now headed to the Senate for approval. Want to know why only 55 members voted?! Detroit Caucus member, Representative Cynthia A. Johnson (D, House District 5) was not allowed to testify in opposition to the bill. 

Nevertheless, this bill would ban any instruction or dialogue that states race or gender play any role in our experiences. Opinions around racism and sexism would be banned from expression. Like the Democrats, we must continue to take a strong stand against this dangerous rhetoric.  



(The link above will take you to the Voter Voice website where you can email or call your state legislators.)