ACT NOW! Critical Race Theory Ban Passes Senate Education Committee

Posted by Sherisse M. Butler on 10/27/2021 2:52:00 PM


Voter Voice Action Alert: Critical Race Theory Ban Passes Senate Education Committee

The month of October not only brings about spooky Halloween fun, but it also has made for an eventful time in Michigan’s legislature. The House and Senate Education Committees continue to hold hearings on a series of controversial school policy issues including Critical Race Theory (CRT). Earlier this year, Senator Lana Theis, Republican Committee Chair from Brighton, introduced Senate Bill 460.

This bill prohibits the instruction of CRT and curriculum such as the 1619 Project and imposes a 5% school aid penalty for districts who are found in violation. Plainly stated, DPSCD would lose state funding for teaching about slavery, Jim Crow and the history of systemic racism in this nation. In reality, CRT is not a part of the Michigan Merit Curriculum or the District's curriculum.


  • Supporters of Senate Bill 460 argue that CRT spreads Marxism in our schools and that it would teach students to hate themselves and their ancestors.
  • Opponents of Senate Bill 460 state that it removes local decision-making from our schools, encourages the defunding of our public school districts, and creates an environment of surveillance in which teachers and students cannot have open discussions without fear of retribution.


Some Michigan’s legislators continue to follow a national trend of introducing legislation that roll back civil liberties such as the voting rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and more. Five states (Tennessee, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa) have passed bills similar to Senate Bill 460, and dozens of others are attempting to do so.


We must ACT NOW to ensure that we not only protect our school funding, but we must also ensure that school districts are enabled to provide honest and accurate instruction. You may recall that the School Board passed the Anti-Racist Declaration in the summer of 2020. As a District, the Board committed to ending racism, bigotry, hate and violence in any form; providing honest and transparent information of District culture and practices; and developing and implementing an Equity Strategic Framework.


We must continue to fight for equitable funding and policies in our state government. Raise your voice today! Be heard. Please consider sending a letter to your state legislators or contacting them via telephone.



(The link above will take you to the Voter Voice website where you can email or call your state legislators.)