Michigan Legislature Passes Historic $17B School Aid Budget

Posted by Sherisse M. Butler on 7/1/2021 6:50:00 PM

We are proud to announce that due to the collaborative efforts of our Michigan Legislature and Governor, on June 30, 2021, the school aid budget passed both the chambers. This $17 Billion dollar budget is a historic and timely investment in public education here in the State of Michigan. It reflects months of advocacy and outreach from our community and education advocates.

This budget closes the equality gap by making the minimum and target foundation allowance equal. The majority of Michigan schools receive that same base level of funding, $8,700! Because of the historic increase in K-12 funding, DPSCD's per pupil allotment increased from $8,142 per student to $8,700 per student! WOW!

The fight is not over, but we applaud our legislative leaders for taking a leap toward adequate and equitable funding. We have not achieved equitable funding until special education is fully reimbursed and significant increases are made in at-risk and english language learner programs. 

Nevertheless, we express gratitude to our advocates who raised their voice and to our legislators who have heeded the call to educational equity. 

Significant Funding Highlights include:  

School Nurses and Counselors $240 Million   

Reading Scholarships $155 Million funds for reading scholarships administered by Grand Valley State University  

Special Education Reimbursement $44 Million increase   

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) $8,700 per child   

Special Programs $1.0 Million for innovative community libraries; $3.75 Million for YMCA Youth in Government