2020 MAEA Top 100 Exhibition Artists

The Office of Fine and Performing Arts supports Art teachers and their students by providing membership to the Michigan Art Education Association and National Art Education Association which gives access to the student statewide Art Exhibition. We are thrilled to announce that 12 of our elementary school students and 5 of our high school students placed within the top 100 across the state in their respective divisions. Additionally, Osborn High School student, Racquelle Cartier, had her artwork selected to go to the Michigan Department of Education display in Lansing.

Join us in congratulating these amazingly talented and creative students, and their incredible teachers who made it possible for their students to participate in this year’s exhibition.





Ne'vaeh Corbiser-Brummitt

Lela Ulmanis

Martin Luther King Jr. Sr. HS

After the Rain

Tyler Russell

Natalie Barmore

Cass Technical HS


Bryan Wilson Jr.

Natalie Barmore

Cass Technical HS

Creepy Crawlers

Kenneth Rockingham

Kim Hildebrandt -Hall

Antwih Mikwonjilian

Detroit School of Arts


Racquelle Cartier

Gloria Byers

Osborn HS

My Hand Among the Element of Line

Christopher Berry

Denise Thomas

Burns Elementary


Kobe Sharpe

Denise Thomas

Burns Elementary

Fall Leaves

David Babb

Denise Thomas

Burns Elementary

The Forest

Aiden Boxx

Denise Thomas

Burns Elementary

Spring Flowers

Halo Norword

Jennifer Kalb

Hamilton El. Middle

Value Lesson

Ta’Tiana Allen

Karana Hales-Haywoods

Mann Learning Community

Royal Portrait

Jessica Zayes-Perez

Barbara Haug

Maybury Elementary

Amate Bark Painting

Mayrin Lucho-Chilel

Liza Robertson

Priest Elementary

Heart Explosion

Kaitlyn Ford

Pamela Bartz

Thurgood Marshall


Ameena Heyward

Pamela Bartz

Thurgood Marshall

Illustrated Letters

Amirah Page-Garland

Pamela Bartz

Thurgood Marshall

Colorful Bird

Jacob Hines

Pamela Bartz

Thurgood Marshall

My Rainbow