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Falcon's Open House at the Heilmann Recreation Center

Five reasons to attend your school's open house


1. Meet the teacher: This will show the teacher that you are serious about your parental involvement, that you are invested in your child's education and you want to establish a collaboration with him or her for great results for your child.

2. Learn about the curriculum: Sure, education has a lot of acrynoms and jargon that can sound like Greek, but hearing it, asking questions and taking notes will make it less of a mystery. This will help you explain to your child the importance of learning goals and understand more clearly if your child requires accommodations.

4. Look for potential concerns: This is a time you can discover a way to support your child and the teacher, how to support the curriculum from home and the best way to communicate with the teacher.

5. Opportunities to support: There are many opportunities to help, whether it's signing up for the fall festival, cutting out laminated items for the classroom, coming in for Community Helpers Day or reading a book. Be consistent with the offer of support because it is so important that your student observes your participation. It gives him or her a sense of connection to school and begins to understand that school is a consistent, scheduled and reliable place that can add value to their future.


Parents at Open House Morgan, Rashada and Stevenson at Open House Holley and Burnside at Open House Fisher Lower staff at Open House Fisher Lower and Upper Principals Parents at Open House Fisher Lower staff at Open House Johnson, McCants, Fatty and Lothery at Open House Ms. Contena and Mr. Shaw Mary Jane Lolley walking over to the Open House Ms. Doughrity at Open House Fisher Lower and Upper principals and assistant principals