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ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)

Students Got Active on ACES Day


Over 700 Fisher Magnet Lower Academy students and staff celebrated ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) on Wednesday, May 1st. We exercised at the same time as over a million other children world-wide and recognized that physical activity is fun, and it is an important part of staying healthy for life!

Fisher Lower students and staff had fun jumping rope, dancing to music and running around in the gym. Mr. Tims had a blast leading students on a parade around the school while riding on tricycles and walking with wrist ribbons. One student was over heard saying, “This is fun. We should do it again.” Staff agree and are planning on having a school-wide ACES day every month. Stay tuned!

Mr. Tims leading the students in their bike ride around the building A group of kindergarten students twirling their sashes during exercise time Our wonderful students are twirling their sashes during exercise time while Mrs. Stokes watches. Two girls twirling their sashes during exercise time. Ms. Dennis and Ms. Talley leading students in jumping rope. A student jumping rope during exercise time. A group of students twirling their paper during exercise time in the hallway. Mrs. Jackson leading students during exercise time. A student enjoying the hour of exercise on their bikes.