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Educational Websites and Resources for Students and Families

Below you will find a list of resources on the internet that you and your child may find fun and useful.  Many of the websites listed will have a parent section once you get to their site. New websites will be added in the future as they are found and researched.  

  Michigan eLibrary Michigan eLibrary    Professor Garfield Professor Garfield      M-Step Practice Tutorial M-Step Practice  


 SpellingCity  Spelling City                                   Hooda Math Hooda Math     myON        myON      


i-Ready i-Ready                 brainpop  Brainpop         funbrain  Funbrain Multiplication    Starfall  Starfall    Word Girl   WordGirl                                                                                                   


   Weebly  Weebly                                 AplusMath  AplusMath            National Georgraphic Kids  National Geographic Kids                                                                            

  Go Noodle  GoNoodle     Inkless Tales Inkless Tales iknowit


     Storyline Storylineonline  AAA Math AAA Math Mr. Nussbaum Mr. Nussbaum


      ABC Mouse ABCmouse   do2Learn   do2Learn   Coolmath4kids   Coolmath4kids                                                               

ABCYa  ABCYa     Rhyme Zone Rhyme   Zone Scholastic Scholastic


Dance Mat Typing Dance Mat Typing  Discovery kids Discover Kids50 States 50 States


 PBS KIDS PBS KIDS                                   Adaptedmind Adaptedmind   Math Playground  Math Playground  


Khan Academy   Khan Academy   Arcademic Skill Builders  Arcademics            Storybird   Storybird       


fact monster     Fact Monster Turtle Diary Turtle Diary Sheppard Software Sheppard Software