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There is still time to pick up your devices

If you miss your designated pickup time, Durfee is planning a second chance pickup as part of its fall deployment of the devices. See times and dates below. Meanwhile, if your child is newly enrolled in DPSCD this fall, the District is working on a plan to provide a tablet for your student at the earliest possible opportunity in the new school year. More information will be available closer to the start of school.  For more information on the Connected Futures program, please go to the District website at or by calling (313) 240-4377.  

Final make up dates:
  • 8:30-3:00 on Friday, August 28
  • 8:30-12:00 on Saturday, August 29
  • 8:30-3:00 on Tuesday, September 1
  • 8:30-3:00 on Wednesday, September 2
  • 8:30-3:00 on Thursday, September 3