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Munger Students Ace Salmon Science

Connecting with nature and our natural resources is a critical part of science education for all DPSCD students. For seven years and counting, science students at Munger Elementary-Middle School have participated in Salmon in the Classroom or SIC, a state of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) program where students raise, learn from and release healthy, young Chinook salmon into approved waterways.  

On a recent sun-drenched spring day, more than 100 Munger science students, faculty, staff, and family completed the cycle, which started in November when they received the eggs, by releasing nearly 140 of the young Chinook salmon they raised into the Detroit River. The excitement tied to the outdoor learning experience was real! Watch this video to see Munger students scoop and release the young salmon. 

“It was a joyous event as students watched and participated in the unfolding of the salmon cycle,” said Ellen Hoyer, the lead science teacher at Munger for third, fourth and fifth graders and driver of the SIC program at the school. “This educational program reminded our students and families of the importance of our precious waterways and all the resources we receive from it freely,” she added, noting how student’s grow in understanding of Michigan’s waterways and the five Great Lakes.  

Not only did the students release the salmon, they also received support from Munger’s SIC sponsor, Metrowest Steelheaders. Participants from the group helped release the salmon. They also built and made crawlers with the Munger students and even taught many of them how to fish.  

Whether connecting with nature or our natural resources, participation by DPSCD students in programs such as SIC are part of the District’s priority of nurturing a Transformative Culture where students, families, community members and staff feel safe, respected and connected, ensuring their rise! Be sure to check out Munger’s home page for more information where students and staff thrive and live the school’s motto—"Munger is not just a school-house, but a school home!”