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Getting Started with Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams Basics for District Students & Families - Get Connected Today!

Below you will find video links to resources that will allow you and your child to get up and running with the basic features of Microsoft Teams so that they can begin communicating with their teacher immediately. Quick reference guides and additional resources may be found by clicking here. If you or your child have any questions regarding Microsoft Teams, please email with your concern(s) and someone will follow up with you.

What is Microsoft Teams for Education

Teams for Education is the platform our teachers use to stay connected with students while in and out of the classroom.  District teachers have Teams automatically rostered for each of their courses, and students are automatically enrolled in Teams for each of their courses. Teachers can conduct check-ins (via chat and video) with students and families, provide one-on-one or small group assistance for those who need more support, conduct whole-class discussions or lessons, and assign and provide feedback on submitted assignments.  If your child does not have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, ask your child's teacher for the local 313 telephone number needed to join their regularly scheduled class support sessions.

Links to Microsoft Teams Tutorials

How To Access Microsoft Teams Through Clever

How To Download The Microsoft Teams App 

How To Navigate Microsoft Teams & Submit Assignments

How To Join Scheduled Meetings and Chat With Teachers

How To View Teacher Feedback From Assignments Turned In

How To Submit Assignments From A Mobile Device