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Celebrating Black History

Detroit Lions Academy celebrates Black History Month by showcasing our African American culture through art and acknowledgements. Students were also given the opportunity to view a private viewing of the film, Harriet, which told the story of abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. It is important that we are all reminded of the struggles those before us faced in order for us to have the rights and privileges that we do today. African American people are still breaking down barriers to achieve equality. They are still blessing the world with creativity, strength and knowledge. We want to continue to remind our youth of the past and motivate them to make positive impacts on our ever changing world.

Detroit Lions Academy students assisted teachers with beautiful door decorations highlighting African American achievements, beauty and motivational quotes. Students also created exquisitely painted, self portraits that display our unique African American physical characteristics and cultural differences. 

Ms. Gilchrist's decorative door Ms. Given's decorative door

Self portraits student self portraits