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"100" One Hundred Percents

To motivate Detroit Lions Academy students to complete i-Ready lessons and earn their best score, Principal Alean King gave them a challenge. The first homeroom to earn 100 i-Ready scores of 100% would be treated to a meal of their choice. The challenge was announced and began early November of 2019. The 6th graders of homeroom 6/8 were victorious! Did these students want the usual pizza and pop? No, they requested nachos. Principal Alean King prepared nachos and served each student herself on Friday, January 24, 2020. The students gathered in the Lion's Den and indulged in bowls of limitless tortilla chips, hot nacho cheese, ground beef and jalapeno peppers. 

Students lined up to get their nachos Sixth grade students eating their nachos and talking

The competition was a success! It increased i-Ready participation and gave students an incentive to want to do their best. This challenge was only the beginning. Detroit Lions Academy students are competitive. They are already requesting a new competition. Stay tuned to see what Principal King's next i-Ready challenge will be.