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Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

In an effort to develop the "whole child" and strengthen the home/ school relationship, Academic Interventionists, Ms. Blossum Cargle and Mr. Daniel Boyd of Detroit Lions Academy, participated in the Parent Teacher Home Visit Program for the 2019-2020 academic year. Ms. Cargle and Mr. Boyd were able to visit the parents of twenty Detroit Lions Academy students outside of the school environment. The majority of the visits took place at the students' homes. Ms. Cargle and Mr. Boyd were able to converse with parents in their living room or dining rooms while dinner was cooking and the siblings played together. Sometimes they arrived to the students' homes just before they walked through the door from school. They were even offered dinner and asked to come back by some hospitable families. Each encounter was unique, but during all visits they were able to learn about the students and their families. 

Ms. Cargle said, "It was a wonderful experience to be invited into their homes and meet the students' families. Mr. Boyd and I were able to share academic data, discus areas of academic/behavioral improvement, highlight accomplishments, as well as provide resources and support. It was an opportunity for us to hand deliver parent PowerSchool access information and report cards. We know how this information often gets lost between school and home. The best part was learning about the entire family and hearing the stories that they wanted to share. Students tend to think twice about misbehaving when you can reveal their middle name or other juicy secrets, just kidding. In all seriousness, students have a different respect for you because they know that you actually care. The home visits were a wonderful way to build relationships with families. During many of the visits we laughed and had a great time. " Mr. Boyd and Ms. Cargle both agree that the visits had a positive impact on student and staff relationships. Some students have shown improvement in behavior and/or academically. Other students have heard about the visits and have asked if they could have a visit at their house. Ms. Cargle and Mr. Boyd plan revisit the same families during the spring.

Blossum Cargle, Academic Interventionist Daniel Boyd, Academic Interventionist