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Detroit Science and Engineering Festival

Friday, November 18, 2019, Detroit Lions Academy visited Southeastern High School to attend the Detroit Science and Engineering Festival. Middle school students from various DPSCD schools came to take part in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) festivities. The event began with an introduction and two guest speakers. The two guest speakers were young adult scientists from Michigan who shared their experiences, information about their unique research and words of encouragement. During the second half of the event students gathered in the gym, where they were allowed to break off into small groups or individually to participate in STEM activities and watch demonstrations. All of the activities and demonstrations were entertaining and educational. Can you imagine walking on water? That's something that only happens in the movies right? Wrong. DPSCD students were able to walk on water. Have you ever eaten ice cream that was handmade and chilled in seconds with liquid nitrogen? What about having your entire body submerged into a bubble? Have you ever experienced a nitrogen explosion? Well, if you were at the Detroit Science and Engineering Festival, you could have enjoyed all of these things and more? There were so many wonderful activities I can't mention them all. We would like to thank Mind Trekkers Coordinator, Jannah Brandt, the DPSCD Science Department and all of the wonderful people that made this extraordinary event possible.

Anthony Bojda and Anthony Hicks enjoying the events The Outdoor Adventure Center display A student learning how to bend light

Ke'airah Brown doing the static electricity activity

Nitrogen explosion Nitrogen clouds