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"Expect Respect"

On September 27, 2019 Detroit Public Schools Community District launched the “Expect Respect” campaign in all DPSCD schools. Superintendent, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, stated, “The Expect Respect campaign expands our Strategic Plan focus on Transforming Culture and the Whole Child. As we improve our curriculum, expand the arts, and fully staff schools we cannot ignore that one of our most important functions is to develop active citizens who love and respect one another.” The campaign’s goal is to create positive climate and culture in all DPSCD schools by encouraging district staff and students to treat one other with kindness, understanding, and respecting our individual differences. The campaign focuses on anti-bullying, negative interactions, safety and the use of the confidential reporting tool “OK2SAY”. You can find more information here on the district's website.

In support of our district’s “Expect Respect” campaign, Detroit Lions Academy held a school-wide assembly focusing on respect and anti-bullying. Principal Alean King stressed the importance of unity, “One Family, One Pride”, and introduced the new Detroit Lions Academy School Pledge. 

Detroit Lions Academy School Pledge