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A Day Of Fun At Plymouth Orchard

On Wednesday, September, 25, 2019 the young ladies at Detroit Lions Academy attended a field trip to Plymouth Orchard. The wives of some of the Detroit Lions NFL players joined the young ladies while they ventured through the orchard. They learned about how apples grow, the importance of bees for pollination and growing crops organically. The girls took a tractor ride through the orchard, picked apples, petted the farm animals and shopped in the orchard's store. The Detroit Lions Organization provided each student with a ten dollar voucher to shop with. Some girls bought popcorn, freshly baked bread, and even honeycombs saturated with pure honey. During lunch each student indulged in donuts and fresh apple cider made at the mill. 

Young ladies picking apples from a barrel

Students looking at the farm animals

Students sitting on a tractor

Students petting a goat

After the tractor ride through the orchard the young ladies stopped to take a photo in front of the tractor with its driver

Students standing in front of the duck pen