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3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, Detroit Lions Academy students visited the Detroit Lions Training Facility in Allen Park, Michigan. The field trip was literally a "Blast". Detroit Lions NFL players took the field to help students build their own rockets. The activity was exciting and engaging as the students and players had their math and science skills put to the test. If the rockets were assembled correctly, they could soar to an impressive 100 feet into the sky. With determination, direction, skill and teamwork the rockets took to the sky. The students and players were ecstatic to see their rockets successfully take flight. Players and students ran across the field to retrieve each rocket once it landed. After the last launch was successfully completed, players and students participated in news interviews, exchanged autographs and took photos. We would like to thank the Detroit Lions Organization for allowing us to be apart of their season launch week activities. 

Dante Hampton and #46 assembling their rocket Students and Detroit Lions players assembling the rockets

Destinne Taylor and Detroit Lions NFL players doing a news interview Diamond helping a fellow Lion with his rocket assembly Setting up the rockets and preparing for launch