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Calm Classroom

Detroit Int'l Academy for Young Women

“School of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Medicine”

Calm Classroom is a simple way to integrate mindfulness into the classroom culture. The daily practice of mindful breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation exercises cultivates a greater sense of self-awareness, mental focus and emotional resilience within educational spaces.

Teachers and student participate in Calm classroom strategies two - three times each day in every classroom. Stress in the classroom affects everyone. We believe that when students and teachers take short breaks throughout the day to relax and re-energize their bodies and minds, the classroom community can thrive.

Part of being "mindful" is becoming aware of how much you have to give and the potential you have. When students enter Dean Capron's office they are asked to write "I am..." statments. The girls love doing this and have really begun to talk positively about themselves and view others in the same light.

girls with i am statements

We She rises we all rise!