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Expect Respect



November Traits: Students First/Kindess

DIA has a bulletin board that will feature the district's "Expect/Respect" monthly traits. Students are able to use sticky notes to write down examples of each trait that they observe in the school.

Ms. Tillman, our guidance counselor, and Ms. Capron, our Dean, met with classes to kick off the district's "Expect/Respect" Curriculum. There will be monthly themes to provide hands-on activities and discussions about the Expect Respect program.  Ms. Capron began with a visit to DIA's mainstreet to complete a coloring activity as part of a lesson on  being responsible listeners. Students discussed the qualities of a good listener and practiced them during their class discussions. 

Good Listener Traits

  • Eyes are looking at the speaker
  • Mouth is quiet
  • Hands and arms are calm and still
  • Legs and feet are calm and still
  • Brain is thinking about what is being said
  • Ears are open and listening
  • Heart is caring
girls coloring
three girls coloring
bulletin board