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Culture and Climate


Field Trips – Field Trip Opportunity: 

 Please submit all completed Field Trip requests for the remainder of the school year to Ms. Jackson which includes signed student permission slips. We have opportunities to attend Henry Ford, Detroit Zoo, Toledo Zoo, theatrical performances, Motown Museum, Cranbrook, Science Ctr, Nature Center, etc. Field Trip Requests are due at least 4 weeks (30 days) prior to the Field Trip. As provided during the end of the year training by Ms. Jackson, Field Trip attendance is to be turned in to the Main Office, the day of the event for entry. Busses hold 45 individuals, please keep this in mind when submitting requests. 

Classrooms should be intellectually inviting. Please include inquiry items focusing on the next level of your content area. Classroom Expectations/Norms should always be posted and visible. Calm Classroom will shape the culture in our learning spaces.  

Expect Respect – mutual respect between all stakeholders. Playing soothing, calming music during the DO NOW helps students to focus and prepare for the lesson.  April – Compassion.