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Excitement Resonates as DPSCD Welcome Students for 21-22 School Year


Amid joyous atmospheres that included singing, dancing, and support from the community, DPSCD students returned to school in person as well as online today (Tuesday, September 7, 2021) with the opening of the 2021-22 school year. And it is not too late to enroll in a DPSCD school near you or the new Virtual School.  

Across the District, DPSCD schools celebrated the first day of school in imaginative and fun ways. At Carver STEM Academy, the school’s leadership team, led by principal Vikki Coleman and her staff, donned superheroes outfits to set the tone for her students to conquer the new school year. Carver students were also greeted by members of the Detroit Police Department (DPD), who provided words of encouragement and elbow bumps as students entered the building.  

Celebrations Abound!  

While the Carver students celebrated the start of their first day with Detroit’s finest, music filled the air at Golightly CTC-Davis Aerospace High School. None other than Board of Education President Angelique Peterson-Mayberry hit the high notes in her song to students, welcoming them for the start of their first day of school. At Bates Academy, the Dad’s Club led the way by guiding students to school as well as welcoming fellow parents to the Bates community culminating into a line dance. Meanwhile, a handful of Detroit Lions players stopped by their namesake DPSCD school, Detroit Lions Academy (DLA), and serenaded arriving students to Rise Up with DPSCD this school year. In addition to the singing welcome, the Lions gifted all students and staff at DLA with a catered lunch, book bags and Lions gear. They also provided each student/staff member with two tickets to the home opener on Sunday. 

Not to be outdone by celebrity football players, a group of teachers and staff at Brenda Scott Academy parlayed the classic song, “Whomp There it Is” into an inspirational rap on getting educated at the school with “Whomp BSA.” And DPSCD Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti visited several schools, talking with students ranging from elementary school age to high schoolers. Even though the in-person activities gained the spotlight, the District also celebrated the opening of its new Virtual School. 

Virtual School Goes Live!  

While the District expects most students to attend school face to face full-time this year, the new Virtual School is an online option for families who are not yet prepared to attend in person. Families who wish to attend Virtual school can still enroll. For more information on the Virtual School, please visit or call the general Virtual School hotline at (313) 644-0200. For ESE students and families, please call the Virtual School at (313) 748-6353.  

Enrollment Opportunities Remain!  

The in-person festivities, a comprehensive safety mitigation plan, incorporating fun into school throughout the year and the opening of the new Virtual School, are foundation pieces for what will be a school year to Rise Up with DPSCD! Please visit  It’s not too late to enroll! Please visit for details of pop-up enrollment sessions planned for this Saturday, September 11. When students rise, we all rise!