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A Legacy of Reaching for the Stars at Davis Aerospace Technical High School

Ethan Leary (Davis Aerospace ’21) first connected with Lt. Chambers through his participation in civil air patrol. When he learned about Davis he said, “it was no brainer, and Lt. Chambers is a huge motivating force.” Ethan has excelled in his classes and recently earned his remote pilot and drone license, which has allowed him to contract out his drone services to local businesses for projects like real estate home tour videos. In the fall, Ethan will head to the Air Force’s Shepherd’s Base in Texas for an intensive tech training and potential overseas deployment. His long-term goal is to fly for a regional airline. 

The power of relationships is a core thread in the rich community of the Davis Aerospace. Principal Neal Morrison believes this rich history is a core pillar in what makes the school unique. The incredible opportunities that Nialah and Ethan have experienced as result of their hard work and the supportive staff at Davis Aerospace is a true exemplar of Outstanding Achievement and Exceptional Talent.