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A Legacy of Reaching for the Stars at Davis Aerospace Technical High School

Ever since student Nialah Crosby  from  Davis Aerospace Technical High School – was 5 years old at Carstens Academy, she knew she wanted to fly. It was at this age that she met the Detroit Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen who were doing a presentation at Northland Mall. The rest is history: By 11 years old, Nialah was co-piloting planes and power gliders in the Young Eagles Tuskegee Airman Program and soon after, joined the Civil Air Patrol Detroit 100th Squadron.

Nialah is quick to note that her journey has been infused with incredible DPSCD teachers and mentors, especially Ms. Janine Scott, Ms. Andrea Minor and Ms. Lauren Thompson, who have helped her tackle the rigorous math and science content that is needed to operate planes, drones, and robots. The hard work is paying off. Nialah received several scholarships to attend MIAT College of Technology in the Robotics and Automation program. “Early on I knew I wanted to attend Davis and the teachers are helping me follow my dreams.” In following her dreams, Nialah will be blazing a new path - entering into an aviation industry that currently consists of less than 4 percent Black women.