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Math & Science is Golden

Sharon Holloway teaches Chemistry, Physices, and Pre-Engineering Tech. She believes science is the golden rule.

Kimberly Stevenson teaches Biology, Aviation, and Physical Science. "Our profession is golden because of our wonderful staff. We are a group of educated professionals who support each other through thick and thin"

Donna Buford-Russell teaches Algebra and Geometry. "Math is golden because it is important in eveyday life. Numerical and logical thinking plays a part in each of our eveyday activities"

Andrea Minor teaches Pre-Calculus and SAT Prep. " Math is golden because of the golden ratio, also known as Divine Proportion or the Greek letter Phi. Math rocks the world.

Janine Scott, Master Teacher teaches Algebra and Mobility & Flight. "Math is golden as it connects us all together piece-by-piece"

Davis Aerospace Technical High School Math and Science Golden Girls.