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West Point leadership workshop caps off "awesome" first week at TSM

Our first day at the School at Marygrove was a wild one. School staff and creators lined hallways with school colors, teachers shook pom-poms as students danced into the century-old stone building.

Students arrive for their first day at the School at Marygrove

What a welcome it was, students reported. Dean Moje from the University of Michigan School of Education, Superintendant Dr. Vitti, Rip Rapson and Wendy Jackson from Kresge Foundation were all on hand.

Days one through four build on one another as students and staff worked together through getting-to-know you excercises and discussion. The typical activities like receiving locker assignments and teaching hand signals came and went without a hitch. 

On Friday of our first week, students were trully treated to a surprise. The Marygrove campus hosted an annual workshop which welcome students from several other programs to give Michigan students a glimpse of life at the academy and in a changing U.S. military. 

Students learn how to build a circuit

Our students took note on and partook in the fundamentals of leadership and ethical decision-making. 


Students work through a challenge on stage with Army cadets watching

Photos of the LEADS event and first week of school can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages: