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Help Your Scholar Stop The Summer Slide!

No More Summer Slide Graphic As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Over the summer, kids from every grade level in every school across the nation stop actively learning, losing a good bit of what they’ve absorbed during the school year.

It’s called “summer slide,” “brain drain,” or “summer learning loss,” and it occurs when students “turn off their brains” during the summer months.  On average, teachers spend the first 2—4 weeks of every school year re-teaching concepts from the previous year.

 The good news is, parents who understand what summer slide is and address it early on - as in, during elementary school years - have found that students perform better in the long run—developing outstanding learning habits that carry through on to high school and college.

 Here are 5 easy ways to combat the summer slide:

¨ Six books to summer success: Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing. When choosing the six, be sure that they are just right — not too hard and not too easy.

¨ Cook with your kids:  Teaching kids how to follow a recipe not only reinforces language and reading concepts, it also provides a real-world visual example of measurements, fractions, cause-and-effect relationships and chemical reactions at work.

¨ Going on vacation?  Have your child research where you are going:  In addition to using reading, writing and  presentation skills, your child may find a new, great attraction for you to visit!

¨ Download mobile apps: new mobile apps exist to assist with all core subjects and most elective subjects too.  Keep your child’s education going by using these apps anywhere and everywhere.

¨ Don’t forget to go outdoors:  Exploration of nature and the environment around us, helps with developing observational skills, practical use of physical sciences and creates a desire to learn more.


Websites and Resources Around Town To Combat The Summer Slide

¨ (math)

¨ (listening skills)

¨ (science)

¨ (core subjects)

¨ DNR Adventure Center offers 10 different, $2 per person small group trips throughout the summer. (science & social studies)

¨ Complete teacher generated packets! (all subjects)

- (reading)

¨ myON ( (reading) Scholars can use their school logins

¨ United Way Summer Spark program ( to find a summer program that will work for you and your child (all subjects)

¨ Amazon STEM Club toy subscription

¨ DPL Summer Author Series (reading).  Take your child to hear a book read by the author.

¨ (reading and math)

¨ Wayne State University K-12 Summer Camps (all subjects) email:

¨ (science/social studies) Discover Michigan Using your library card, check out a pass for one of Michigan’s cultural attractions or state parks and recreation areas!

¨ (science/Reading)

¨ (math/reading)


¨ Scholastic Summer Reading Competition



       (social studies)