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School Openings Chart

School Opening Chart

Cabinet Member  Name of Employee Number of consecutive days they can assist -Two School 
Meriweather Adam Kind Tuesday - Friday  Denby
Wright Aileen Pagan Vega Tuesday and Wednesday  Earhart
Jackson, B. Aisha Scott Tuesday and Wednesday  Cooke
Gonzalez Alexander M. Cintron  Tuesday - Friday  Western
Gonzalez Alicia Brown- Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday only Wednesday - Friday  Sampson
Wright Andrew McGuire Tuesday and Wednesday  Ossborn
Wright Anika McEvans Tuesday and Wednesday  Nolan
Gonzalez Anita Totty Tuesday and Wednesday  Mason
Wright Anthony Smith Tuesday and Wednesday  Schulze
Gonzalez April Imperio Tuesday and Wednesday  Palmer Park
Gonzalez Audry Hawkins.   Cody.  Ben Carson Tuesday - Thursday Carson
Vidito Barbara Wells-McKeown Tuesday - Friday  Schulze
Wright Brett Jordan Tuesday - Friday  Thrikell
Gonzalez Brionna Patton Tuesday and Wednesday  Thrikell
Wright Carol Weaver Tuesday and Wednesday  MLK
Howard Carrie Bryant Tuesday - Friday  Cooke
Howard Christal Phillips Tuesday - Friday  Earhart
Vidito Clarence Hightower Tuesday - Friday  Nolan
Gonzalez Damiana Sorrell (Renaissance or Mumford) (Tuesday/Wednesday) Tuesday and Wednesday  DCP
Wright Damon Porter Tuesday and Wednesday  Mackenzie
Gonzalez David Klayton (May not be able to assist complete day on Fri 9/11...preferences: 1) Western HS, 2) Priest E-M but happy where needed most).  Tuesday - Thursday Priest 
Howard David Wilkins - Report to Pulaski to work on Online Enrollment  Tuesday and Wednesday  Pulaski
Gonzalez Deniescha  Tuesday - Thursday Greenfield Union 
Gonzalez Dominique Jacques Tuesday and Wednesday  Chrysler
Vidito Doriane North Tuesday - Friday  Bethune
Wright Elizabeth Peters Tuesday and Wednesday  MLK
Wright Erika Bray Tuesday and Wednesday  Osborn 
Meriweather Jacqueline Robinson Tuesday and Wednesday  Burton International 
Meriweather Jacqueline Sims  Tuesday and Wednesday  PRMX
Wright James Alexander Tuesday and Wednesday  Denby
Vidito James Merkison Tuesday - Friday  East English Village 
Wright Jennifer Rincones Tuesday - Friday  Pershing 
Gonzalez Joseph Schwartz Tuesday - Friday  Charles Drew
Gonzalez Julie Pita Tuesday - Thursday Bagley
Gonzalez Kaitlyn Billops  Tuesday - Thursday Ann Arbor Trail
Gonzalez Kalonda McDonald (please place at Bates) Tuesday and Wednesday  Bagley
Gonzalez Kellie Finnie (please place at Renaissance) Tuesday and Wednesday  DCP
Gonzalez Kendra Welling (please place at CMA) Tuesday and Wednesday  CMA
Wright Kerry Davis (beginning Thursday 9/10/2020) Thursday and Friday  Burton International 
Gonzalez Kevin Fite (I'd like to support Bunche Academy) Tuesday - Thursday Golightly
Gonzalez Kiarra Ambrose Tuesday and Wednesday  Greenfield Union 
Howard Kristian Shore Tuesday - Friday  Mark Twain
Gonzalez Kristie Ford (please place at Law) Tuesday and Wednesday  Law
Gonzalez Lesley Jennings Tuesday and Wednesday  Hutchinson 
Wright Meaghan Gorski Tuesday - Thursday Brenda Scott
Wright Michelle Parker Tuesday - Friday  Dixon
Gonzalez Monica McLeod Tuesday - Thursday Emerson
Howard Naomi Khalil (Fluent in Spanish) Tuesday - Friday  FLCIS
Wright Nicole Carter Tuesday and Wednesday  MLK
Gonzalez Nicole Cato Tuesday and Wednesday  FLCIS
Cutrona Nicole Gulley Tuesday and Wednesday  Ann Arbor Trail
Vidito Patrick Jackson Tuesday - Friday  Duke Ellington 
Gonzalez Roda Malco  Tuesday - Friday  Harms
Gonzalez Shanita Scott - Would prefer Cass Tech or Southeastern HS Tuesday and Wednesday  Southeastern
Meriweather Shawn Hill Tuesday - Friday  Western
Howard Sherisse Butler Tuesday and Wednesday  J.E. Clark
Wright Stephen Bland (beginning Thursday 9/10/2020) Thursday and Friday  Cooke
Wright Steven Banks Tuesday - Friday  Spain 
Gonzalez Steven Benson Tuesday - Thursday Mark Twain
Wright Tabatha Scott Tuesday - Friday  Bow
Gonzalez Taylor White Tuesday - Friday  Charles Drew
Wright Teachia Turrentine Tuesday - Thursday Brenda Scott
Howard Theodore Jones Tuesday - Friday  J.E. Clark
Gonzalez Theresa Lindsey Tuesday - Thursday Golightly 
Wright Theresia Prince Tuesday - Friday  Thurgood 
Wright Tiwanya Robinson Tuesday - Friday  Fisher Lower 
Gonzalez Tony Hawk Tuesday - Thursday Palmer Park
Howard Tyrone Winfrey Tuesday - Friday  Barton
Gonzalez Ursula Kelley-Wash Tuesday and Wednesday  Fisher Lower 
Gonzalez Vonetta Clark-Tooles Tuesday - Friday  Emerson