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Field Trips to The Detroit Children's Museum!

Coleman A. Young Elementary School has several field trips to the Detroit Children's Museum coming up. On June 3rd Mrs. Westjohn's and Ms. Robinson's Kindergarten classes will go. On June 5th, Mrs. Krygowski's Kindergarten class, along with Mrs. Qualls' 1st grade class, will go. On June 6th, Ms. Paterni's and Ms. Staten's 1st grade classes will go. On June 7th, Mrs. Bowers' and Mrs. Machnik's 2nd grade classes will go. On June 10th, Mrs. Wallace's and Mrs. Lewis' 2nd grade classes, Mrs. Apple's class, and Ms. Pope's 3rd grade class will all go together. On June 11th, Ms. Burton's 3rd grade class and Ms. Redd's clas will go to the museum. Then, on June 12th Mrs. Bell's and Mrs. Geiger's 4th grade classes will go.