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Students Access Your Email for Important Scheduling & Program Information!

STUDENTS!! Please access your student email as soon as possible for important scheduling and program information.



    • Username: 

    • Password: first letter of first name in upper case, first letter of last name in lower case, 2 digit of their birth month, 2 digit of their birth year, 01 (male) or 02 (female) 

      • Example: Jane Doe's birthday is May 13, 2004; her password is Jd050402 

Students can email their counselor for their student number as soon as possible, we are here to help:

10th Grade (Class of 2023) & 12th Grade (Class of 2021)  

9th Grade (Class of 2022) & 11th Grade (Class of 2024) 


Clever Access 

Most of the District's online tools can be accessed through Clever