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Educator of the Year 2018-19 Nominee: Suane Loomis

Catherine Ferguson is proud to select art instructor, Suane Loomis, as our nominee for the Educator of the Year award this school year. Loomis joined the school in December 2018 and here's what staff and a parent had to say. 

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Suane Loomis. Mrs. Loomis has been my son’s High School Art Teacher at Catherine Ferguson Alternative Academy, for the past five months. Art is now his favorite class. She really cares about her students. She gave my son resources for Art teachers and mentors. In my opinion, her skills, attitude and her personality are astonishing and pleasant. Her dedication to her students is remarkable. I felt extremely connected to her after spending only a few minutes with her. She has been a very influential part of my son liking his new school and finding a new love for Art. I highly recommend her for the Teacher of the Year Award.

Sharlita Field, Parent


Suane Loomis is the current art instructor at the Catherine Ferguson Alternative Academy teaching students grades 9-12 the freedoms of expression through the fine arts. Loomis joined our staff in December of 2018, eager to share her passion for creativity. Her resourcefulness provided the students the opportunity to work in the ceramics arts and have their class piece submitted to the DPSCD All-City Art Exhibition. Over 700 pieces were entered and judged; only 170 will be on display. This year, a groundbreaking 45 schools submitted pieces for our exhibition, and her idea was executed so well by her students that the piece was selected to be a part of the showcase. 

Annually, DPSCD holds the All-City Art Exhibition in the gorgeous space at the Detroit Institute of Art. The exhibition draws crowds from across the city to enjoy and be moved by the incredible works of art by our DPSCD students in each of our 104 schools. Submissions for this year’s exhibition includes works of art for ALL K-12 students.  With overwhelming joy, we recommend Suane Loomis as our nomination for the Educator of the Year award and hope that the task force recognizes her evident dedication. 
Nomination Committee, CFAA Staff
Congratulations to Mrs. Loomis and good luck in the competition.