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Student Updates

Updates from teachers have been posted over the past few days on Clippert's social media accounts. Some teachers are even offering opportunities to improve your grades! If you check PowerSchool and are concerned with the grade you have earned in a specific class, we encourage you to contact that teacher. You can find all teacher email addresses here: If you would like to view all announcements in one place, continue reading below. 


  • Mrs.MacDonald- Hello Clippert! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. My family and I are doing well. I miss you all a lot! I am going to try a new online platform for us to work on assignments and communicate with one another. The website for the platform is
    You go to the website and click the blue button that says "Start as a Student." Once you do that, you sign up using YOUR music class code.
    ("Bandlab" is just the name of the website, it has nothing to do with whether you are a strings or band student.)
    Here are the codes:
    505: I 6 P H A T Q
    504: F F S X B V D
    304: T C T I Y R A
    305: S C T V 5 S M
    202: F C C T T T E
    302: L J _ Y V S L
    I look forward to seeing everyone on bandlab! Once I get more students signed up I will be posting something by the beginning of next week! Let's "Rise Up" together during this uncertain time! Miss you and hope you had a great weekend!

5th Grade:

  • Ms.Howland-Bolton- Ms.Howland-Bolton wants the Justice League to know that Dr.Cornel West was successfully transported out of room 104. He is having a great time crawling under furniture and occasionally flipping on his back and requiring rescue. She also brought all of your spiderlings to her home for safe keeping. They are all thriving on the windowsill, especially Stuart Jr., Hot Dog Jr., and 21 Cabbage. She misses you all a ton and says don't forget to take care of your big beautiful brains!

6th Grade:

  • Ms.Ortiz- Mrs.Ortiz would like you to access the apps posted on her Clever page "Science Room 505". You can even try to get on Brainpop. She hopes you are well and misses you all!
  • Ms.Rothenhauser- Hello everyone. I miss you and hope you are staying safe and sane during this time. I personally got back into gaming and I imagine a lot of you have too! I just wanted to let you know that I have updated all grades. If you want to improve your grade during this time, you can make sure to get your i-ready minutes in. For each hour on i-ready, I will give you five points of extra credit. For example, one of you did 7 hours of i-ready and got 7 x 5 = 35 points of extra credit! The sky is the limit so get those minutes in! And of course, if you are having trouble on anything including what’s in the packet or i-ready, feel free to reach to me on remind, on this thread, or my email: Love, Ms. R
  • Ms.Zeigler- Hope all of you are coping well. Miss you all and just wanted you to know that I finalized my grades for this quarter. If you are interested in more opportunities for improvement, email me: chandra.zeigler@detroitk12org Take care and be safe!

7th Grade:

  • Ms.McCoin- Hello students! I have added some things to gradebook (if you look at your powerschool account) to make up some missing work that doesn't require a book to complete. I also added Newsela to my Clever page which students can access if they want to read current events. Also, if the kids go into Clever there is a program called EverFi that they can access and get some extra credit for. If you have questions you can email me.
  • Ms.Miller- You are missed! Mrs.Miller is working with the Detroit Creativity Project to bring online Interactive Improv and Acting Classes to any interested Clipeprt Students. Please email and/or sign up for my "Virtual School with Mrs.Miller" SeeSaw Class. I have tons of ELA and Drama activities to keep you busy in my SeeSaw class.
  • Ms.Wagman- Ms.Wagman shared the "We're in this together! picture as a  message of positivity to everyone. As a fun activity, you could post a similar message in a window at home to share with your community!

8th Grade: 

  • Ms.Loftus- Hello from Mrs.Loftus to all my 8th graders and 201 Social Studies classes. I know you must be missing me terribly be now. Ha! Just a quick note to let you know I am thinking of you and hoping that you and your families are doing well. I wanted to let you know that my Quarter 3 grades are completed and you can check them on the student portal. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me at Love ya all, hope to see you sooner than later.
  • Ms.Taylor- If you have any concerns about your grades in PowerSchool, please email Ms.Taylor at