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Stay Smart with DPSCD’s Summer Learning Experiences 2022

With expansive and rich programming as well as impactful enrichment activities, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), the state’s largest public education system, is the place for your child to stay smart when you enroll in DPSCD’s Summer Learning Experiences 2022 that runs from July 11-August 4, 2022. Summer Learning Experiences 2022 is open to both DPSCD and non-DPSCD students.  

Opportunities Abound to Explore Skills and Interests  

 By registering your child today for DPSCD’s comprehensive summer learning programming and activities, your student will get an opportunity to increase their academic success as well as pursue opportunities to explore skills and interests in areas such as: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), street dance, drawing and other forms of visual and artistic expression as well as academic enrichment, credit recovery and much more! With a four-week, 16-day schedule (Monday’s-Thursday’s) from July 11 through August 4, DPSCD’s Summer Learning Experiences will be held in 32 air-conditioned sites, 20 of which will be K-8 locations, six high school sites, one Virtual School and five center-based schools. Meals and transportation will be provided. Seats are limited!  

Supporting Our Student’s Physical and Emotional Health This Summer  

Students will also have an opportunity to enhance their physical and social-emotional health during Summer Learning Experiences 2022. Thanks to DPSCD’s wide-ranging partnerships, students can participate in activities that include dance instruction, sports camps, cooking classes, cheer, and chess sessions to name a few. Girls can explore nature and the outdoors with activities through the Girl Scouts. Enrichment activities will take place in the afternoon.  

Kindergarten, Virtual School and ESE Students Included  

DPSCD provides educational programming to meet the needs of our entire community. Summer Learning Experiences 2022 follows that mantra, with opportunities for kindergarten students, our enrolled Virtual School students as well as our Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students, formerly known as Special Education. To enroll your children at any of our Summer Learning locations, please complete the applicable link. Please be advised the enrollment window closes on Friday, June 24, 2022.  

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DPSCD is prepared for your child to stay smart and #RISEUPwithDPSCD during Summer Learning Experiences 2022 from July 11-August 4. When Student’s Rise, We all Rise!