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DPSCD Schools Engage in Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week  

To enhance existing computer-based career pathways offered at Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), students and staff are participating in fun and engaging activities during Computer Science Education Week (CSEW), an annual call to educate, engage and inspire students locally and nationally usually planned during the second week in December.

“It is critical for our students to have this knowledge and background whether they go into computer science or not,” said Shanita Canady (Scott), DPSCD’s Senior Director of Computer Science. “We want our students to be tech savvy so they can be productive adults in this world.”

One of the signature activities of CSEW, Hour of Code, is designed for DPSCD teachers to introduce or enhance student knowledge in computer coding, the written language used in computer programming.

At Durfee Elementary-Middle School, Computers/Technology teacher Theresa Wesley said, “We have activities planned all week for Hour of Code and other online activities.” Many of which are webinars from national computer science experts with technology giants such as Microsoft. Other DPSCD schools participating in Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week activities include Bennett Elementary and Denby High School. Yet the District’s participation this week in these renowned activities only scratches the surface of the computer science and technology related programming available to DPSCD students district wide as a regular education offering.

For instance, curriculum offerings for students include web design, python programming as well as JAVA programming. In addition, the District has a bevy of fun after school activities that not only stimulate learning but also provide social interaction which supplements the in-class experience.

For high school girls, there’s the Girls Who Code program, designed to spark interest in computer science and coding amongst female students. In collaboration with Dell Technologies, 4th and 8th grade students can be part of the Students Who Game group, getting an early, hands on experience with computer technology in a fun way. The District also offers Microsoft TEALS (Technology, Education and Literacy in Schools) to all students. All these opportunities, whether during Computer Science Education Week, in DPSCD’s curriculum or during after school programming, provides District students a leg-up in the in-demand, fast moving fields of computer science and technology.

Give your student “a leg up” by exploring programming and opportunities available in the District’s Computer Science curriculum and technology areas. More information is available on the Computer Science and Innovation page on DPSCD’s website. Because as we know, when Student’s Rise, We all Rise!