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Important Safety Announcement & Update from Dr. Vitti


December 4, 2021

DPSCD Community of Staff, Families, Students,

As a follow up to my message below about stopping social media threats against our schools, please be advised that two of our students have already been identified by the authorities for posting social media threats against our schools. The two students attended the two schools involved. They have been arrested and will not be returning to those schools. The pending social media threats that are being investigated should be resolved by tomorrow. At this point, there has been no evidence that these social media threats involved any plans to do harm to any students or staff. Unfortunately, they do lead to serious consequences. Each school community will be notified if there is a social media threat made against their school and when the individual is identified who made the threat.

Again, at this time, there is no evidence of any plans to do harm to students or staff. The plan as of this morning is to return to in person teaching and learning on Monday, December 6th at all schools throughout the school district.

Please enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D.
Detroit Public Schools Community District   

Prosecutor Worthy School Threat Letter 2021 English

Prosecutor Worthy School Threat Letter 2021 Spanish 

Prosecutor Worthy School Threat Letter 2021 Arabic

Prosecutor Worthy School Threat Letter 2021 Hmong

Prosecutor Worthy School Threat Letter 2021 Bengali

December 3, 2021

DPSCD Families and Students, 

The District has received multiple reports of social media posts threatening violence at several of our schools since the Oxford shooting this week. Each of these threats are taken seriously by the district and are investigated. At this point, none have been credible. Each threat is shared with the school community. However, they need to stop. These threats are enhancing the natural fears and anxiety this week’s shooting created. They disrupt the teaching and learning process; and divert time, resources, and attention to typical day to day responsibilities.

The district’s public safety department, Detroit Police Department, and state and federal authorities are taking these threats extremely seriously. The technology exists to track the IP addresses of most of these threats. I am not sure all of our students understand this. The threats, real or fake, will lead to expulsion and likely criminal action against the student and family. We have already identified students we have released social media threats through technology investigations. Again, this needs to stop and will not be tolerated by the district or authorities. These types of threats are not worth the consequences that will be issued.

Please monitor your students’ social media activity, phones, and backpacks. Everyone, please continue to report any and all signs of threats against any school, student, or staff member.

As a precautionary measure and to reassure families, students, and staff, we have heightened the presence of officers at schools where threats have been received. We are grateful for the cooperation and assistance of law enforcement, and to our students, staff, and families who have reported concerning activity. 

Thank you for your continued support of DPSCD!
Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D.
Detroit Public Schools Community District