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Staff vs. Students Showdown Basketball Game

Staff vs Student Basketball Game

Gif of photos during game

Thrilling Staff vs. Students Basketball Game at Carstens Academy

On February 16th, Carstens Academy's gym buzzed with excitement during the annual Staff vs. Students Basketball Game. The 6th, 7th  and 8th  graders shone brightly, with Marquis, Malcolm and Angelo leading their team with impressive skills. The staff team, featuring science teacher Mr. Bennett, counselor Mr. Fluker, custodians Mr. I’ron, and engineer Mr. Nell, showcased their athleticism and strategy.

The cheer team, with 6th-8th grade girls, kept the energy high with spirited routines. Highlights included notable aim by Marquis and Mr. I’ron’s slam dunk. The game ended with the staff winning!

Principal Pearson praised the event, emphasizing its role in fostering community spirit. The game was a memorable celebration of talent and teamwork, leaving everyone eager for next year’s matchup.