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National School Bus Safety Week

National School Bus Safety WeekNational School Bus Safety Week (NSBSW) is a week-long observance in October. Recognized by many school districts in the nation, the purpose is to address the importance of school bus safety. This year’s theme is 1 Bus + 1 Driver = a BIG Impact on Education.  

Last month, a DPSCD busload of students from the Communications and Media Arts High School (CMA) caught fire. Bus Attendant Sharon Webb followed best practices on policy and procedure by helping students successfully evacuate from both, the rear emergency door and the front service door. Once all the students were off the bus, she then proceeded to move them more than 100 feet from the scene. 

"Ms. Webb has shown us the significance of being prepared for emergencies on a school bus. The District is grateful that her actions resulted without injury. We thank Ms. Webb for her commitment and dedication to the students of CMA,” said Aaron Walter, Executive Director of Student Transportation.

Most of the Bus Attendants service Exceptional Student Education (ESE) routes. Attendants are responsible for assisting disabled students on and off buses, securing harnesses, administering first aid as needed, and ensuring the overall safety of all students.

DPSCD is seeking exceptional talent who would like to make an impact on education. Prospective employees may contact Sharon Rodgers at (313) 945-7711, report to the West Bus Terminal at 8145 Greenfield Road, Detroit, MI 48228, or visit the DPSCD website

Help spread awareness about school bus safety by using #NationalSchoolBusSafetyWeek or #NSBSW on social media.