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"Plant and Paint Program"

Thanks to a grant received by Ms. Perry of the St. John Health Program the preschoolers were able to participate in a wonderful activity called "Plant and Paint."  The children discussed the materials used to plant a bulb and what the bulb would need to grow into a lovely plant.  They learned that every plant needs soil, sun and water to grow healthy and strong.  Then they received paints and real canvas to illustrate what they thought their bulbs might grow up to look like.  The flowers they painted were beautiful works of art that would make Mother Nature proud!  The art work has added such a welcome burst of color to our hallway during these gray days of winter, we can't wait to see if the bulbs' flowers grow to be just as colorful.  Thank you for all the fun, Ms. Perry!
Ms. Raines
Room 109
Canvas painting of a plant  Canvas image of a painted plant   Canvas image of a painted plant