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American Cancer Society Presentation

On April 10th, students presented Ms. Borquez from the American Cancer Society with a check for $600. The students had worked hard to raise the money during Cancer Awareness Month by participating in a raffle and a dress down day. Ms. Raines purchased and ran the raffle which had over 30 prizes including Bluetooth speakers, stuffed animals, headphones, toys, t-shirts and an assortment of other goodies. "The raffle was quite successful and we are proud to be able to present such a large contribution to the American Cancer Society to help them in their work. The children of Bunche should be very proud of themselves," Ms. Raines said. Ms. Borquez said that the money will go to support the society's biggest fund raiser, the Three Day Walk down on Belle Isle. Bunche school will be listed as one of the sponsors and be included on all the t-shirts and displays for the event.


American Cancer Society Presentation Photo