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"Detroit Girls of Destiny" Sponsored by Councilwoman Sheffield

Mary Sheffield is a native Detroiter with a dedicated track record of service and leadership in our community. Mary believes strongly in guiding and shaping the lives of Detroit’s youth, with a special emphasis on improving the lives of at-risk young girls. The Destiny Circle provides encouragement, guidance, informal counseling, and introduces the young ladies to mentors and speakers who can serve as role models. Various topics including, self-identity, self-esteem, standards of beauty, hygiene and domestic violence

DGD meets every other Friday with Councilwoman Sheffield and her assistants. The group consist of about 14 girls. The girls say they look forward to their sessions, because it allows them to be open, honest and express themselves freely. When speaking with the girls about what they do and what they talk about they had this to say:

  • We like the fact that we talk about real-life situations. Not only do we talk about it but we are able to sit and discuss how to deal with them.
  • We talk about RESPECT and it how important it is to not only give RESPECT but how to earn it.
  • We do a lot of girl talk. We can be ourselves and be open and honest.
  • The Golden Rule is the most important thing that Councilwoman Sheffield stress. The Golden Rule is “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

This program is AWESOME!!!!

Detroit Girls of Destiny