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FAQ's for Connected Futures Devices

Have a Question About Your Connected Futures Device?  We have an answer!


FAQs for signing-on:


  • Q: I have a LOANER DEVICE, but it is not signing on – what should I do? A: You will need to connect to the school’s network first before you can connect at home. Bring the loaner device to school, sign-in to your student account on the school’s network, and then it will be active for you to use the device at home.
  • Q: I cannot sign-in to clever, what should I do? A: Access the Clever App à Click Login Using the Active Directory à the student email is: your student number (Example:
  • Q: I am in Teams, but I don’t know where to go. Where should I go?  A: Click calendar on the left-pane.  Once you are in the calendar, identify the day of the week you are attending.  Click the “join” button on the DARK PURPLE class.  The teacher will then admit you into the class.
  • Q: I don’t have my student’s login and password – how do I retrieve it? A: Call the front office at 313-866-6700.
  • Q: I have my student login but it’s not working – what do I do? A: Call the help desk at 313-576-0100.