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A Spectacular Week: Halloween and Harvest Celebrations Unite Students as October comes to an End

The final week of October brought our school community together for a memorable celebration of Halloween and Harvest Day. Students of all ages took part in a variety of activities:

- K-2 grade students enjoyed a PBIS event with a movie and popcorn.
- 3-8th grade students explored a spine-tingling PBIS Haunted House.
- 4-5th grade students engaged in Harvest Day-themed activities.
- Middle school students celebrated with a lively Color Party.

These events occurred at our school, enhancing the sense of community, and took place during the last week of October, aligning with the spirit of the season. The aim was to create lasting memories, foster a sense of togetherness, and recognize positive behavior. It was a week filled with joy and unity among our students.

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