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Test to Stay.

The district has implemented two new programs to help monitor the spread of COVID and to keep our students and staff teaching and learning every day. Test to Stay provides a way to ensure that individuals who may be infected with COVID, but do not have symptoms, are identified through a non-invasive, rapid nasal test administered by the school nurse or other trained staff.

Test to Stay

May be eligible to participate in Test to Stay if: 

  • They are NOT fully vaccinated against COVID-19, AND
  • Have been exposed according to the Detroit Health Department’s definition of a “close contact”, AND
  • Are showing no COVID-19-like symptoms

Close contacts (students or staff) can continue in-person learning/work if they

  • Have a “Test to Stay” consent form on file (students only) 
  • Don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms 
  • Were identified as a close contact (only household members). 


To participate, please fill out this consent form or contact your school for a hard copy of the form or additional details. For questions regarding quarantine guidelines please contact the Office of School Health and Wellness.