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December 2020

Week of December 28, 2020

Darlise Graham, ESE Recruiter

DPSCD ESE Spotlight Darlise Graham

What excites you about Exceptional Student Education?

  • Being the first point of contact for the Human Resources ESE Department and to ensure I’m providing my due diligence in selecting Motivated, Exceptional & Compassionate talent to educate the students in the ESE Community. My committment to service is immeasurable, and I have a passion for delivering the BEST talent for DPSCD.

Week of December 21, 2020

Maurice El-Amin, Cody High School Alumnus, Southeastern High School - Principal

Maurice El-Amin

Who was your favorite educator as a DPS/DPSCD student and why?

  • Mrs. Juanzetta Tolliver, Math teacher, taught me math in grades 10-12 and was my National Honor Society sponsor. Mrs. T was a teacher that had a passion for her content and demonstrated that she genuinely cared for her students. She once closed her door and gave her phone number to all of her students and told us if we were ever in need, we could call her. We eventually became colleagues at DPS and we are still close to this day.

What has been your favorite experience as a DPSCD employee?

  • My favorite experience was being honored at the DPS 3.5 banquet where students who carry a 3.5 GPA for 7 semesters were presented plaques at a districtwide sit-down dinner. Those students also could choose the teacher that had the greatest impact on them throughout their schooling. I was chosen as an impact teacher numerous times which was my favorite experience as a DPS employee because I was also honored to be invited to that same dinner in 1988 as a senior in high school-bringing things full circle.

Why should someone join the DPSCD team?

  • In DPSCD, staff can make huge differences in students’ lives that change the trajectory of those children forever. The reward for that is priceless!

Week of December 14, 2020

Gary McAllister, ESE Hiring Manager 


What excites you about Exceptional Student Education?

  • I believe the Exceptional Student Education has a unique opportunity to support those students with unique needs and learning styles to reach their full potential.  As a Human Resource Manager, I have the opportunity to help bring eager and enthusiastic educator into our District to reach those exceptional students.


Week of December 7, 2020

Alexandra Nichols, Central High School Alumnus, DCP@Northwestern - Academic Interventionist

DPSCD-Alumni Alexandra Nichols

Who was your favorite educator as a DPS/DPSCD student and why?

  • My favorite teachers were:
    • Mrs. Mosby - English teacher. She enjoyed teaching, expected us to do our best, and had a great sense humor.
    • Dr. R. Gibson - Business teacher, ran the school store and helped me get my first job. While some of her students didn't want to be in school, she taught us like it was the most important class in the building.
    • Mr. Matt Dixon - Physical Education teacher. Coach Dixon recruited me to play volleyball in 9th grade. He knew he was building a championship team and he recognized my athletic ability in the sport. We got close to winning a championship my senior year, but Coach Dixon's impact on all student athletes extended both on and off the court. When I returned to substitute teach within DPS, he hired me to coach at Cass Tech.

What has been your favorite experience as a DPSCD employee?

  • Being a part of our coordinated effort to educate to whole child. Also, Rise Up day is an awesome day to be together as a DPSCD family. 

Why should someone join the DPSCD team?

  • A person should choose to join DPSCD because they will be able to help students, parents and our community Rise Up!