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#TheRiseContinues: Our Return to In-Person Learning

We are excited to welcome our staff, students and families back in person on Monday, January 31st. We missed everyone. It’s time to pivot and accelerate our efforts to recover from the pandemic. We are committed to adhering to safety measures, as we will have plenty of love flowing through the doors, halls, and in the classrooms. Please review the Student and Family Return to Learn Guidance which includes Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID testing and other safety protocols. In addition, make sure you also review the new CDC guidelinesWe will use the hashtag #TheRiseContinues as we get back to in-person learning. To celebrate this second first day of school, please post photos of our return.

We have approximately 92 percent of our students who have returned their COVID-19 testing consent forms. This is a positive indicator that we are ready to go back to school and fight this pandemic. Thank you!  Please encourage families to bring their signed consent forms to school on Monday. We know we will still have positive cases. However, the use of weekly testing will allow early and asymptomatic detection and prevent the spread of the virus.  

We are also strongly encouraging all students who are eligible to be vaccinated. The District is continuing to collaborate with local health partners to provide access to the vaccine while working on its ability to administer COVID-19 vaccinations at schools across the city. 

It is through our efforts that we all collectively and individually remain safe. We look forward to seeing everyone in school, ready to learn on Monday, January 31 as we do our part to help students continue to rise!