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Dear Families, 

With the city’s COVID positive infection rate now declining to 5% and stable we plan to reopen our schools as Learning Centers to all students and at all grades on Wednesday, February 24th. If positive infection rates increase then this date will be postponed. Learning Centers allow all students, at all schools and grade levels to come to school, eat breakfast and lunch, and participate in online learning. School level staff will supervise students and assist them if they have questions or need help. Schools will be open during normal school hours. Regular and normal bus routes to schools will be available for all schools and students. We hope to restart in person learning in March. Please ensure that your child wears a mask on the school bus and when they enter the building. They will be provided with a mask if it is forgotten. A temperature check and symptom check will be conducted at the front door. Desks will be six feet apart in the classroom. Students may bring their tablet or laptop to school or will be provided a laptop at the school for online learning. If you have any questions please contact your child’s school. Remember attending Learning Centers is not mandatory but a free service to you if your child or you require an alternative to online learning from home.


-Superintendent, Dr. Nikolai Vitti.