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Sixth Annual Health Awareness Day at Adult Education West

DPSCD Adult Education--West Center had their sixth annual Health Awareness Day on Wednesday, December 11th!


To kick off the day, students and staff at the school took part in multiple activities. Students were able to sign up for job alerts and complete profiles in a mobile van through Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, got their vitals checked from students from Ben Carson High School of Medicine and received flu shots from representatives of the Detroit Health Department.Adult Education West student Miasjha Watley getting her blood pressure taken at the Health Awareness Day on December 11, 2019 A representative of the Detroit Health Department's Immunization Program at the Health Awareness Day on December 11, 2019. Adult Education West student D'Airre Little getting his blood pressure taken by a Ben Carson HS student.

They were then treated to a healthy living and cooking demonstration from DPSCD chefs Michael Hearn and Tony Lupsor, followed by a free, healthy hot lunch.

DPSCD Chef Michael Hearn gives a lecture and demonstration at the Health Awareness Day on December 11, 2019.


After that eating, of course the calories needed to be burned off. And that we did! Under the tutelage of dance instructor Debbie Allen, the school hustled, ballroomed, and danced the day to a close.

Adult Education students and staff taking part in the hustle lesson given by Debbie Allen.

Thank you to all that helped make this day possible for our amazing students!!